Software License Management & Software Copy Protection Solutions

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Why CrypKey?

  • RELIABLE – 25 years supporting customers with protective software licensing solutions
  • INNOVATIVE – 1st company to create software controlled licensing & copy protection
  • SPECIALIZED – we dedicate 100% of our time to software licensing, security & protection
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS – from simple wrapper through application embedded protection
  • EFFORTLESS – simple setup with automation options available

Small Business


“Sole proprietors and entrepreneurs alike have been able to get their products out to market quickly and without worry by taking advantage of CrypKey’s software licensing ease of use, cost effective pricing, and amazing features.

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“Businesses ranging from 10 to 100 people have stayed with CrypKey because of the extensive software licensing features set, the high security Stealth technology and ability to automate the process”.

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“Corporations around the globe spend decades partnering with CrypKey to protect their profits with our industry leading software licensing and copy protection, user friendly network licensing and scalable easily integrated API”.

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Small businesses have used CrypKey to:

Protect materials for clients including aerospace, education and corporate training

  • Aircraft maintenance manuals in PDF
  • Electronic chemistry textbook in Adobe Director
  • Corporate manager training in PowerPoints)

Protect proprietary design and data

  • Oilfield commodity database program
  • Educational videos in MP4
  • Piano learning software
  • Geological survey data

Protect innovative new software programs

  • Reading efficiency improvement program
  • Proprietary jewelry design program
  • Psychology software tools


Medium businesses have used CrypKey to:

Protect health programs and data

  • Ultrasound skin treatment equipment program
  • Laboratory certification and testing program
  • Orthodontic imaging and correction program

Protect publishing industry programs and data

  • Legal building code documents
  • Interactive workbooks
  • Online forest products publications

Protect a large variety of unique industry software

  • Travel booking software
  • Mathematic modelling software
  • Textile digital printing software
  • Direct mail postal software


Corporations have used CrypKey to:

Protect high risk and sensitive data

  • Department of Homeland Defense audio files
  • Health information management program
  • Smart board technology software

Protect software used in the energy sector

  • Underwater acoustic programs
  • Energy efficiency software
  • Oilfield automation software

Protect manufacturing technology and software

  • Software that controls the manufacturing of infrared thermal emitters
  • Semiconductor equipment and yield management software systems
  • Medical equipment manufacturing software


CRYPKEY Products have been Trusted since 1992

*Celebrating 25 Years*

For 25 years now, CrypKey has been providing companies with an added sense of security through our tools for managing software licenses and copy protection of Windows based Software and Documents. Over that time, our quick and easy to implement SDK, Instant and DLM products have evolved into a comprehensive set of tools that can accommodate almost any business model.

Whether a sole proprietor or a Corporation of thousands, no matter the size of your business we have a solution for you.

  • Software licensing & protection that is easy to implement
  • Automated internet driven licensing
  • Flexible control of your licensing
  • Scalable licensing control that can be integrated with any system
  • Strong industry leading security

No Royalty Fees

Our fee structure has NO ROYALTY FEES and affordable pricing. We are one of the only companies that does not charge you more if you have more customers.


Solutions that Meet Your Needs

We want our software licensing solutions to work for you. We are not just in the business of selling software. We want you to find a protection solution that meets your needs. We will tell you up front if we are not a good fit and even give you recommended alternatives! However, we feel there is a great chance that our features will meet your needs.

CrypKey’s Global Reach


Happy Customers World-wide


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Software licensing & copy protection solutions for any industry and any business model

Software Licensing Demo*

Download a Demo of CrypKey Instanttm


Document & File Protection Demo

Download a Demo of CrypKey DLMtm



*This software protection demo is our CrypKey Instant product in which it’s very easy to see how CrypKey works. If you are looking for a higher depth of control, we also offer an SDK version which can be viewed on our Products page.


Top 5 key features Developers watch for when selecting Software Licensing Solutions

We spoke with 100 independent developers and here’s what they named as their Top Five Preferences when selecting software copy protection & software license management solutions:

  1. Basic Security

    • A streamlined solution that protects their software, documents and files from illegal copying and distribution.
    • CRYPKEY SOLUTION: As the first company to create software based protection, we specialize in understanding the level of security your business needs and developing the best solution for you.
  2. Ease of Use

    • Simple solution with a variety of security options to control how the copy protection and licensing integrates with their product.
    • CRYPKEY SOLUTION: Our product is simply designed to make the software licensing process easy and comes with a step-by-step user manual as well as one on one technical support from our experts.
  3. Customer Confidence

    • The ideal is to make the software licensing as difficult as possible for non-paying, unauthorized users …but never at the expense of causing frustration to good paying customers.
    • CRYPKEY SOLUTION: We prevent unauthorized user access by protecting your product with industry leading encryption, preventing reverse engineering and locking your product to a specific computer(s).
  4. Extensive Features

    • Several developers found protection software products that appeared to have the features they wanted but which were not able to meet their criteria.
    • CRYPKEY SOLUTION: For 25 years we have made it a top priority to evolve our features list by developing innovations inspired by the challenges our customers were facing with their copy protection. Our cloud-based software licensing can be automatically added using CrypKey Instant in as little as a few minutes.
  5. Simplified Pricing

    • Many customers require flexible software licensing pricing models that fit within their budget and do not charge royalties.
    • CRYPKEY SOLUTION: Our simplified pricing includes various subscription options allowing you to select a pricing model that suits your business and your budget. And you do not pay royalties.


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