DAL – Distributor Authorizing License

Distributor licensing tools

CrypKey DAL (Distributor Authorizing License) provides software developers and vendors complete control over the number of software licenses that authorized third-parties, such as distributors and re-sellers can issue on their behalf.

This is achieved by providing the distributor with a pre-configured CrypKey SKG (Site Key Generator). Using the CrypKey Master SKG, the software vendor controls the number of licenses a distributor can issue by authorizing the distributor’s SKG for a specified number of uses.

There are many ways to use DAL; examples include:

  • A company wishes to authorize 10 licenses of its accounting software to its IT department in San Francisco. Using CrypKey DAL, the company provides the San Francisco office with a pre-configured SKG. After the department consumes its 10 license authorizations, no more are granted unless another pre-configured SKG is supplied.
  • CrypKey DAL can be used to control the sales and licensing of products by foreign distributors. The vendor provides an SKG to the distributor with a specified number of license authorizations. The distributor uses the SKG to authorize the software it has sold. When the SKG license uses expire, the distributor must contact the vendor to purchase additional authorizations.



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