Software Licensing and Software Copy Protection

Crypkey Instanttm Demo Information

For over 20 years, CrypKey has been a leading global provider of software licensing and software copy protection products to hundreds of companies. Serving the Windows development community, CrypKey has developed innovative and comprehensive solutions to meet most software licensing needs.

  • Effortless software licensing and copy protection for relatively simple licensing needs.
  • No changes to cource code is required. Quick to implement.Easy to use (wrapper-type program), get your software to market in no time.
  • Flexible Licensing Models Includes Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, USBKey and Floating Network.
  • Seamlessly encrypt your executable and dynamic link library files.
  • Affordable Lite Versions with no Floating Network or USBKey licensing support.
  • Not sure which product is best for you? View the Product Page.
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