CrypKey SDK Enterprise (32 and/or 64 bit applications)

Superior software licensing management & copy protection for program developers

  • Customizable Interface & Encryption.
  • Flexible Licensing Models Include Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, USBKey and Floating Network.
  • Exclusive CloneBuster and Stealth Anti-Hacking Technologies.

For those companies that have complex licensing rules to manage, CrypKey SDK Enterprise may be the solution for you. CrypKey products are made to work with the administrative rights and access levels required by your company policies. Don’t let employees get stalled or interrupted by them!

CrypKey SDK – Enterprise includes:

  1. CrypKey SDK(all features of our Standard SDK version)
  2. Unlimited “floating network seats”
  3. CrypKey License File Expander

With the License Expander, CrypKey allows the application to receive an unlimited set of license management rules. CrypKey License Expander uses an innovative digitally signed ASCII text file to transmit licensing information to the application. This file is created with an application called the CrypKey License File Generator, and it adds the following capabilities to the current set license management rules:

  1. License Management Enforced Rules
    • Network seats on an unlimited per module basis.
    • A single application can have an unlimited number of separate modules, and the number of network seats for each module can be set independently and enforced.
  2. Application Enforced Rules: Unlimited
    Create and enforce any rules you require. They will be securely enforced in your application. For example:
    • Unlimited Options
    • Unlimited Levels
    • Unlimited Version control information
    • Unlimited specific User, Computer, or Domain control information
    • Unlimited text named features
    • Set named Users






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