Copy Protection & Licensing for documents & files

Crypkey DLMtm Demo Information

Using CrypKey’s proven encryption process, CrypKey DLM combines the data file and the assigned security control options and encrypts them together. This is done using CrypKey’s award-winning technologies. Once encrypted your file can only be opened or viewed with a software and/or hardware key.

Protect PDF / PowerPoint / Video Files / Audio Files & more!

  • All documents and files are encrypted and can’t be viewed without your authorization.
  • Protection of multiple file types within one document or product.
  • Effortless licensing and copy protection of documents and files for relatively simple licensing needs.
  • Easy to use, get your documents and files to customers in no time.
  • Provide your customers with an evaluation version locked to a set number of days or “runs”
  • Flexible Licensing Models Includes Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, and USBKey.
  • Block or restrict printing, copy/paste, save-as, print screen, email, etc.
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