CrypKey Software Protection and Licensing Products

Since 1992, CrypKeytm has been delivering robust software protection and licensing products – Powerful encryption to ensure that every copy of software in use is securely licensed and every confidential document is kept out of the wrong hands!

software protection and licensing products

Once protected, you can choose one of CrypKey’s secure and flexible software licensing and copy protection solutions for stand-alone or enterprise network environments. CrypKey’s licensing models include: demo, node-locked, time-limited (rental), use-based, floating network; and serialized hardware-key. Multiple license activation options are available to fit any budget including: manual (email/phone), distributor, web-site based, and fully Internet automated with customer registration data.

Don’t get disrupted by difficult employee access policies or administrative rights. We provide user access parameters that suit your business needs.

CrypKey also offers powerful copy protection tools and flexible copy protection and license management solutions for intellectual property such as PDF and PPT documents and audio and video files.

Plus, when you partner with CrypKey you’re never on your own! CrypKey’s dedicated Technical Support staff provide telephone and email support with the option of priority support services available, while also providing upgrades to products on a regular basis and customized services to meet your unique needs!

CrypKey Instant
Software Copy Protection & Software Licensing Management
Wrap Your Program
CrypKey SDK
Software Copy Protection & Software Licensing Management
Embed Your Protection
CrypKey SDK Enterprise
Software Copy Protection & Software Licensing Management
Handle Complex Licensing
CrypKey DLM
Document & File Copy Protection & Licensing
File Protection & Digital Rights Management


Which CrypKey product is right for you? Let us help!

Review the comprehensive comparative charts below containing the features and functionality of CrypKey Products.

Simply click on the desired product(s) for each step to select.

Step 1: Establish your base product

Use either of the below solutions OR a combination of both!

Solution 1: Software Licensing Management & Software Copy Protection

  • Software Copy Protection
  • Control how much and how long your software is usedSoftware Licensing
  • Prevents reverse engineeringCrypkey STEALTH Technology
  • Flexible & Customizable API
  • Requires little to no programming (wrapper style)
  • Automated Licensing add-on (Crypkey Casper)
  • Use TCP/IP communication protocol to license client PCs on a network or even outside of the network Client/Server Network Licensing (TCP/IP)
  • Flexible Licensing Models
  • True Encryption for .NET EXEs and DLLs
  • Windows OS versions from XP to Win 10
  • CrypKey can license not only the computer that an application is installed on, but also the entire enterprise network; a software license can be accessed by any network computer. Also referred to as License Client Flexibility, the licensed client machine finds a license anywhere on the network; allows you to set a priority list of servers to check when searching for a licenseEnterprise Networking
  • Virtual Machine Protection
  • using smart server connection logic, the system figures out which server is available immediately for connection, and quickly reconnects to the server if there is a server hiccupRedundant Servers (unlimited)
  • Comprehensive options & features to choose from
  • Protected product gets locked to the authorized users computerHardware-Locking
  • CIHS (Crypkey Intelligent Hardware Sensing)
  • Optional use of USB dongle licensing
  • 32 bit software application support
  • 64 bit software application support
  • allows licenses to be quickly and easily transferred from one computer to another via the Internet (requires Casper add-on product)Electronic License Transfer
  • determine at what point during the users’ experience with the application that authorization is requiredCustomizable Authorization
  • 512 MB of additional encrypted information (specific to your application) can be stored and accessed (e.g., authorized printers and servers)Custom Encryption Capacity 512 MB
  • Ability to add unlimited custom defined controls
  • Create unlimited number of modules that have their own network seat count, trial period, etc.
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Solution 2: Document & File Copy Protection & Licensing

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - The worldwide-recognized block cipher encryption standard. All documents and files are encrypted and can’t be viewed without your authorization.Copy Protection Using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • PDF, PowerPoint, Video, Audio, etc.Protection for many file & document types
  • ie, a PDF that has videos in itProtection of multiple file types within one document or product
  • Protected product gets locked to the authorized users computer or USB keyHardware-Locked
  • Prevent save-as, cut/paste, print screen, email, etc.
  • Choose to allow or disallow printing or set up limited printing. Virtual printers are blocked.Printing Control add-on
  • Provide your customers with an evaluation version locked to a set number of days or “runs”Trial Feature
  • Limit the use of your document by number of daysDay Limited
  • Choose a date where the use of your document will expireDate Expiry
  • ie, online download, email, or USBKeyFlexible distribution options
  • Authorize your documents for use on a network by number of usersNetwork Licensing add-on
  • Authorize your documents for use on a network by number of usersAutomated Licensing add-on (Crypkey Casper)
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Step 2: Select your desired level of Tech Support

  • Upgrades to Latest CrypKey Product Release
  • Email Technical Support
  • Subscription to CrypKey Newsletter
  • Remote Access Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Premium Priority Support
  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum



Step 3: Make life easier and save time with our automation or distribution options

  • Casper eRegister

  • Web-based Software License Verification

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  • Authorization via serial number
  • Supports web/e-mail authorizations
  • SKGL

  • Custom Build a Licensing Interface

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  • License using a link to your website
  • Tighter licensing control
  • DAL

  • Distributor Licensing Tools

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  • Complete control over 3rd party authorizations
  • Use with CrypKey SKG
  • USBKeys

  • Economical Software License Protection

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  • Less expensive than a dongle
  • Durable and flexible for end-users



Step 4: Submit your selections



Solutions that meet your needs

We want our licensing and copy protection solutions to work for you. We are not just in the business of selling software. We want you to find a licensing solution that meets your needs. We will tell you up front if we are not a good fit and even give you recommended alternatives.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Contact us and find out if we can create something just for you!


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