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CrypKey Products:data protection software

Software and Data File Protection Solutions Providing Complete Peace of Mind

For over a decade, CrypKey has been a leading global provider of software license management and copy protection, supplying software security to thousands of clients in 60+ countries worldwide.

With our new product, CrypKey DLM, the power of our premium protection technology is available to a wide range of data files, including documents, audio and video, and images and illustrations.  CrypKey's award-winning products protect your software license around-the-clock, guarding your software programs or data files anywhere, any way you wish to distribute them.

Protect your software programs and files wisely. It’s the smart thing to do.

Software Licensing & Copyright Protection

CrypKey SDK™

Superior software protection for program developers.

  • Customizable Interface & Encryption.
  • Flexible Licensing Models Include Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, USBKey Hybrid and Network.
  • Exclusive CloneBuster and Stealth Anti-Hacking Technologies.

CrypKey Instant™

Effortless software licensing and copy protection.

  • No changes to source code is required.
  • Easy to use, get your software to market in no time.
  • Flexible Licensing Models Include Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, USBKey Hybrid and Hetwork.
  • Seamlessly encrypt your executable and dynamic link library files.

Automated Activation Solutions


Automated software activation 24/7. Track your activations with a complete reporting interface.

File Protection & Licensing Solutions

CrypKey DLM™

Premium file protection to secure your valuable data.

Ideal for securing virtually any Microsoft file format from illegal use including: PPT, PDF, SWF, XLS and more!

Tested and proven effective to provide a high level of encryption security for day to day use in any business or organization.

  • Easy to use, No Experience Required.
  • Advanced Security Encryption.
  • Copy protect your intellectual property and control who has access to it.

Accessories & Add-on Products

CrypKey USBKey™

A unique hybrid licensing solution using CrypKey software and USB Keys. Learn more.

CrypKey DAL™

Distributor Authorizing License Software provides complete control over authorized third-party licenser (distributors). Learn more.

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By the way, I want to compliment you guys on support. The issues I have had this year have been dealt with very promptly and professionally. I really appreciate it.
David Nelson
Visual Mesa LLC