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CrypKey Products:data protection software

Software and Data File Protection Solutions Providing Complete Peace of Mind

For over a decade, CrypKey has been a leading global provider of software license management and copy protection, supplying software security to thousands of clients in 60+ countries worldwide.

With our new product, CrypKey DLM, the power of our premium protection technology is available to a wide range of data files, including documents, audio and video, and images and illustrations.  CrypKey's award-winning products protect your software license around-the-clock, guarding your software programs or data files anywhere, any way you wish to distribute them.

Protect your software programs and files wisely. It’s the smart thing to do.

Software Licensing & Copyright Protection

CrypKey SDK™

Superior software protection for program developers.

  • Customizable Interface & Encryption.
  • Flexible Licensing Models Include Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, USBKey Hybrid and Network.
  • Exclusive CloneBuster and Stealth Anti-Hacking Technologies.

CrypKey Instant™

Effortless software licensing and copy protection.

  • No changes to source code is required.
  • Easy to use, get your software to market in no time.
  • Flexible Licensing Models Include Perpetual, Day Limited, Use Limited, USBKey Hybrid and Hetwork.
  • Seamlessly encrypt your executable and dynamic link library files.

Automated Activation Solutions


Automated software activation 24/7. Track your activations with a complete reporting interface.

File Protection & Licensing Solutions

CrypKey DLM™

Premium file protection to secure your valuable data.

Ideal for securing virtually any Microsoft file format from illegal use including: PPT, PDF, SWF, XLS and more!

Tested and proven effective to provide a high level of encryption security for day to day use in any business or organization.

  • Easy to use, No Experience Required.
  • Advanced Security Encryption.
  • Copy protect your intellectual property and control who has access to it.

Accessories & Add-on Products

CrypKey USBKey™

A unique hybrid licensing solution using CrypKey software and USB Keys. Learn more.

CrypKey DAL™

Distributor Authorizing License Software provides complete control over authorized third-party licenser (distributors). Learn more.

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We are also very pleased with the quality of the support provided by CrypKey. Your quick response and accurate diagnosis of problems that our clients occasionally experience upon installation of our encrypted programs has led to a high degree of client satisfaction with the installation process and subsequent evaluation of our software. Keep up the excellent work!
Charlene Jurgovan
Financial Planning Resources, Inc.