Windows Software Developer Tools Java Extension available
Providing Superior Protection
and Licensing Tools since 1992
Powerful out-of-the-box software protection without code changes
Flexible and powerful API designed to meet your unique protection and licensing requirements

Why CrypKey?

  • Comprehensive software license management solutions at a fraction of the "Big Guys" cost
  • Premium software copy protection
  • Talk to real people to get started and for ongoing support
  • Have unique requirements? No problem-we can customize
  • 5 Reasons Developers Choose CrypKey

Flexible Licensing Models

  • Trial License
  • Stand-alone, Node-locked (hardware-locked)
  • Floating Network/Concurrent User Licensing
  • Restricted Use Licenses
  • Time-based, use-based and feature-based
  • USBKey license for mobile use
  • VMGuard to protect your software in virtual environments

Tools to Secure your Software

  • Ensure payment of every copy distributed
  • Prevent reverse engineering with STEALTH
  • Protect your software in virtual environments with VMGuard
  • Unique hybrid option allows software and hardware-lock protection
  • Comprehensive licensing models to fit diverse environments and requirements

We put off including strong copy protection with our software for many years because of cost and hassle. We researched many companies and they all fell short in terms of cost, complexity and most importantly their ability to provide good support. Then we ran across CrypKey. We integrated their solution over a year ago. Without a doubt, we feel that implementing CrypKey’s copy protection scheme has been one of our best business decisions. Their product works and they provide excellent support. Our sales have increased during the slow economy and we feel that the CrypKey protection is a big part of why that happened. Thanks CrypKey for your great product and great support!
I am extremely happy with CrypKey Instant and glad that I purchased it. CrypKey Instant works well with my application. We tested the product several times and haven’t noticed any performance degradation related issues at all. It is wonderful to know our product is protected with CrypKey Instant.
Lee Brown
Test Soft Inc.