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CrypKey Optional Virtual Machine Protection

How it Works:

This optional feature is designed to prevent illegal copies of applications being created by use of virtual machines. The basic premise of protection is that for the application to run on a Virtual Machine there must be a valid license on a “ real machine” connected to it. The following details the action of this feature:

If Virtual Machine Protection option is turned on, CrypKey will detect if the application is running on a VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC, and take the following action:

  1. If the license is configured to operate as local or server license, an authorization error will be generated.
  2. If the application is configured to operate as a network client, and a valid client network license is detected from a non-Virtual Machine server, authorization will succeed.

Note that the Virtual Machine host can act as the server for the virtual machine, and if desired, it can be configured to only serve license(s) to the hosted virtual machine. What is required to use this Feature?

In order to support this feature, eligible customers with current maintenance agreements need to be using CrypKey SDK 7118 or later and will require new Developer Keys (Master Keys) to be used. Please request that this feature be turned on by sending a request to:

What Virtual Machines are Supported? Currently the following Virtual Machines are supported:

- VMWare
- Microsoft Virtual PC

More virtual machine software support will be added in the future.