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USB Multiburn Utility for Software Licensing

CrypKey USBKey CrypKey USBKey Burner – (Multiburn & Tools)

  1. Introduction

    CrypKey USBKey Burner – (Multiburn & Tools) allows you to burn licenses and files to multiple USBKeys in a single session using any windows computer with operational USB ports. Multiburn can create up to 26 USBKeys in one session, although we recommend around 10 at once for for maximum efficiency.

    This software requires USBKeys from recognized and tested vendors. The USB flash drives must be serialized internally, which is done by few manufacturers. The serialized flash drives are available from CrypKey in sizes from 256MB to 16GB or more.

    1. Different Licenses per Customer – each customer can be licensed with a different type of license
    2. Licensing Models – customers can be licensed as perpetual (unlimited), time limited (x number of days) or date limited
    3. Options & Levels – fully supports all options and levels available in CrypKey electronic licenses. Set the options & levels available to your customer when burning the USBKeys
  2. Advantages of CrypKey USBKeys

    The USBKey offers several advantages over traditional “dongle” software protection:

    1. You can put your software on the key -
      Imagine the convenience of traditional dongle licensing, but with your full application already on it

      - Your software is portable from one computer to another - great for corporate situations
      - Your customer never does a bothersome install - they can be ready to use your software instantly
      - Your customer never needs to do uninstalls - no hard drive pollution
      - Your customer saves hard drive space

    2. You can use the USBKey in conjunction with CrypKey electronic licensing

      - Your customer has the convenience of various licensing options
      - You can require both types of licensing for added security
      - When required, your customer can be shipped software that is ready to use - the license is already loaded on the USBKey

    3. Mobility – your customer can use your software on different Windows computers but will only be able to use it in one place at a time. Your licensing revenue is protected but your customers can be mobile.
  3. What you can do to Support USBKeys in your CrypKey-Protected Program

    Using the USBKey in your application is very easy - all the work is automated in the CrypKey software! To use them after purchasing USBKeys from CrypKey:

    1. Replace your MasterKey with the new MasterKey sent to you by us.
    2. Plug a licensed USBKey into any USB port
    3. Run your software - it will report it as 'now authorized!'
  4. Remote Update Tool

    This feature of the USBKey Burner allows you to generate an EXE file that a customer can use to update the license on their USBKey. This utility uses your USBKey Burner Log File so that the updated license sent to your customer is still locked to their individual USBKey. You can update the time limit, date limit or levels & options of your customer’s license using this feature.