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Crypkey Stealth

CrypKey Stealth, a companion product technology that is embedded in all CrypKey Instant and CrypKey SDK licenses, provides encryption security at the level of your software code. Few competing encryption products on the market today boast the same robust protection that CrypKey Stealth guarantees. CrypKey Stealth protects your software by implementing several multi-layer, anti-hacker techniques to prevent hackers or unauthorized users from reverse engineering your software. CrypKey Stealth achieves this by rewriting an executable (EXE) file in such a way that common reverse engineering tools become virtually useless. To the hacker, the encrypted EXE becomes like a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle without a picture.

How does CrypKey Stealth work?

CrypKey Stealth protects your application in two ways: (for Native Applications/non-DotNet)

  1. It encrypts and compresses the application file. This makes reverse engineering or the use of debuggers extremely difficult while the application is in file form.
  2. It prevents debugging, patching, and memory dumping while your application is in memory:
    • Debugging - CrypKey Stealth blocks debuggers from attaching to your process while it’s running. It stops the application when a debugger is identified and immediately halts the program execution.
    • Patching - Hackers use this method to redirect the application's execution of security code while it is in memory. CrypKey Stealth detects patches and immediately halts the program execution.
    • Memory Dumping Memory Dumping - CrypKey Stealth technology is revolutionary in this area. It divides the program into many small segments and keeps them in random order. Only the segment that needs to be running is unencrypted and executed. When the segment is finished running, it’s removed from memory. This defeats the memory "snapshot" technique of hacking, and literally forces the hacker to try and "assemble the 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle without a picture" In DotNet applications, Stealth encrypts the intermediate code that is normally very exposed providing unparalleled protection for your software application. Much harder to hack compared to obfuscation.

How do I use CrypKey Stealth?

CrypKey Stealth is a complex application that is remarkably simple to use. For CrypKey SDK, the only required user action is to specify the input and output file paths. CrypKey Stealth does the rest! For complete user flexibility, CrypKey Stealth is available in two versions (CrypKey SDK only):

  1. Graphical User Interface Stealth (stealthui.exe) - This version has a Windows user interface that allows you to browse and save the input and output file paths. Click here to learn more about Stealth File Auto Distribution.
  2. Command Line Stealth (stelthcm.exe) - This version allows you to easily automate the process by adding CrypKey Stealth to your ‘make’ files. It accepts the input and output paths as command line parameters.

Note: DotNet applications with multiple EXEs and DLLs may have to be packaged together prior to applying Stealth. For CrypKey Instant, CrypKey Stealth is an option that is simply turned on or off in the user interface.