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Software Licensing and Software Copy Protection for Windows Applications

CrypKey Instant Lite (32 and/or 64 bit applications)

The most cost–effective and simple software licensing and copy protection solution.

CrypKey Instant is the ideal choice for those looking to quickly and effortlessly set up a software licensing and copy protection system. In just a few minutes, your software is protected against unauthorized use and duplication, no new software code or changes to your source code are required! Once configured, CrypKey Instant's protection takes effect in less than 30 seconds.

CrypKey Instant Lite is intended for small or start-up companies that need encryption protection for simple licensing needs. This version includes all of the robust protection of CrypKey Instant, but excludes the following features:

Customers may upgrade their CrypKey Instant Small Business product version to CrypKey Instant at any time. A valid Annual Subscription contract must be in place before upgrading.

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