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Protect from Copying and Control the Use of PowerPoint Files

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PowerPoint Protect

Protect your PowerPoint presentations with CrypKey DLM copy protection and licencing. Good for use with all .ppt files, CrypKey PowerPoint protection allows you to control the use and prevent copying of .ppt files with features such as print-screen blocking, day limited, use limited, and much more.


PowerPoint Protect - Electronic Version
(with one time software installation)
eLocKey - USBKey Version

Copy Protection

All PPT files are encrypted and can’t be viewed without your authorization


Presentations will be locked to hardware (computer/USB Key)


Prevent save-as, cut/paste, print screen, email, ect.

Printing Control

Choose to allow or disallow printing. Virtual printers are blocked

Day Limited

Limit the use of your presentation by number of days

Date Expiry

Choose a date where the use of your document will expire

Document Delivery Flexibility

Distribute by online download, email, CD/DVD or USBKey

+ USBKey for license

Day Limited Trial Use

Provide your customers with an evaluation version


Concurrent Users

Authorize your documents for use on a network by number of users


Internet Activation

Automated activation of your documents through the internet


* feature available at an additional cost