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Protect from Copying and Control the Use of PDF Files

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PDF Protect

Get High Level Copy Protection Security

CrypKey PDF Protect is the ideal solution for protecting your PDF documents. Distributing documents without protection means your files are easily duplicated, shared, and viewed by anyone. When you secure your PDF files with CrypKey PDF Protect, they are protected with bank-level encryption technologies. Your files are protected from 'save as', 'print screen', 'copy and paste' and other functions that compromise security. CrypKey PDF Protect automatically protects against printing via virtual machine or moving the file to another computer/USBkey.

Choose limits based on your licensing needs

PDF Protect allows you to decide how your PDF files will be used without interfering with the viewer's experience. You choose to allow or deny printing access, limit the number of days it can be used, or set a document expiry date. With the electronic option, you can even limit access based on number of concurrent users.

Choose your distribution method

CrypKey PDF Protect is compatible with many distribution options. Your PDF files can be used securely through online download, email, and CDs. CrypKey eLocKey USB keys are the perfect solution for users who require portability and use on multiple computers.

View the chart below for a full list of CrypKey PDF Protect features and customisation options


PDF Protect – Electronic Version eLocKey – USBKey Version

Copy Protection

All PDF files are encrypted and can’t be viewed without your authorization


Documents will be locked to hardware (computer/USB Key)


Prevent save-as, cut/paste, print screen, email, ect.

Printing Control

Choose to allow or disallow printing or allow limited printing. Virtual printers are blocked

Day Limited Trial Use

Provide your customers with an evaluation version

Day Limited

Limit the use of your document by number of days

Date Expiry

Choose a date where the use of your document will expire

Concurrent Users

Authorize your documents for use on a network by number of users


Document Delivery Flexibility

Distribute by online download, email, CD/DVD or USBKey

* feature available at an additional cost