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CrypKey Case Studies - DLM File Protection Products in Action for Real Companies

Case 1

Trivedi Chemistry, a division of Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, developed a state-of-the-art training program for college and high school Chemistry programs. The Flash-based program sells extensively across the United States with worldwide sales expected. CrypKey customized a solution to protect the program and add time-based limits on its use. The first generation product was produced on CD-ROM. Delivery was later upgraded to an eLocKey USB key version to increase the program's flexibility and simplicity of use. Program use is securely locked to eLocKey with time limits set at one- to two-year durations.

Case 2

A UK-based company engaged in Oil and Gas Data Acquisition & Process Control distributes a number of technical documents throughout its industry partners and customers. The company chose eLocKey by CrypKey to protect and lock their documents so they could only be used when authorized.

Case 3

A leading global Information Communications Technology company wanted to go from paper-based training manuals and presentations to electronically-based. These materials are provided to training instructors across Canada. Recognizing that the manuals and presentations could be easily copied and end up in the wrong hands, CrypKey was engaged to secure and lock the vital content to a branded USB key. eLocKey flash drives were the solution.

Case 4

ExploreLearning produces and sells interactive simulations for Math and Science under the Gizmos! name. Already successful in many markets with an online version, the company had the opportunity to pursue new markets in India with their product. The strategy required a product version which could be easily distributed while still being protected. The HTML-based product was burned onto a CD-ROM protected by CrypKey’s eLocKey. Licensing was activated via Internet.